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The Board of Directors


Cindy Towles


“Prez” is very happy to have family heritage in Cherryland and has a big heart for this community. She’s taking a sabbatical from regular employment to focus on community work and she loves it.

Cindy Torres

Vice President

“Veep” has lived most her life in Cherryland. She gives plenty of her time to local good causes, like the Hayward Area Historical Society (HAHS) and the Eden Area/Castro Valley Chamber of Commerce.


Ingrid Moller


Ingrid moved to Cherryland in 1980 and has run her own successful business here, selling real estate. She and her husband, Basil Sherlock, were founding members of the CCA and she’s served as a Board Member for many years.



Taj Olmedo


A licensed Realtor and newer Cherryland resident, Taj’s devotion to parenting has given her a fresh perspective that embraces diversity and recognizes Cherryland’s untapped potential.

Hugh O’Donnell


A long-time Cherryland resident and served as our past President, and tireless Newsletter Editor. When he’s not working for an aluminum company in Hayward, he’s often playing the drums in his band, called “Hugh and the Hefners”.

Sandra and Carlos Archuleta


A busy young couple raising their two children. Working closely with the local Padres Unidos they’re passionate and dedicated community activists. Sandra is the Sandra of “Ask Sandra,” the popular local TV program airing on Channel 28, KCMC.

Piper McKnight

Member-at-Large/Newsletter Editor

Piper is back after a brief leave of absence from the CCA as a member At-Large again and resuming her duties as Newsletter Editor. A Cherryland resident for over 21 years, Piper uses her professional Planning background to guide her passion for civic involvement. You can count on her to stick up for this little patch of Eden anytime it’s needed.