December 2017 President’s Message by Cindy Towles

Hi Neighbors!  I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving; there is so much to be thankful for.  I will get back to that in a minute, but first the serious stuff.   In my SJSU Business Communications class, we learned “first the bad news”, although I don’t think it’s all that bad; more of an opportunity.   There are some amazing people of the younger generation that are rising up, particularly with ACT (Ashland-Cherryland Together) and the EMAC (Eden Area Municipal Advisory Committee) and one of them is Tyler Dragoni, who doesn’t miss much about what goes on around here.

On November 22, Tyler posted on the CCA Facebook page this picture with the comment “City of Hayward plans to annex Foothill freeway caltrans property. Number 9 looks like it belongs to Cherryland”.  Sure enough, on 11/14/2017, the Hayward City Council passed the resolution to begin a design workshop.

Subsequent comments to the post indicated the community (myself included) are not happy with the selective annexation of our land “Cherry-picking”, if you will.   We would like the County to step up on this one.

THEN, on November 28, Randy Waage posted that a liquor store is applying for a conditional use permit “CUP” to come into Creekside shopping center.   The Board of Zoning Adjustments Meeting is Dec. 13th at 1:30pm, Public Hearing Room. 224 W. Winton Avenue, Hayward.   Apparently they sent a letter asking for CCA comments to our old PO Box.   We never got it.  But, since ACSO is against the CUP, it probably won’t fly.   I plan on attending, as do many others.

Now, from the ridiculous to the sublime … me and my bestie drove around Cherryland a couple of nights ago and took pics of the Christmas lights on houses.  I was so delighted that residents were making enough of an investment in the community, more than in the recent past, enough to put up lights.   Here are a few highlights:

We were pleasantly astounded when driving down Standish and caught sight of this ginormous tree covered in lights at the end of what apparently is 4 Seasons Place.   Maybe it should be Christmas Season Place?   But I digress …

When I first was getting involved in the community
some 4 years ago, I pondered how the community that my Grandparents chose to raise their family got to be so disjointed and detached. My vision, as shown in this picture of me, at the ACT Street Party in October 2013, was for a more unified community.  This investment in Cherryland is a dream starting to come true.

I wish you all a Merry, Cherry Christmas!


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