June 2017 President’s Message by Cindy Towles

Once Upon a Mattress.  I just had a memory of that old Broadway musical, starring Carol Burnett, and based on the Princess and the Pea by Hans Christian Andersen.

Maybe I just had Mattress on the Brain for the past month or two as we had Rodney Clara from the Mattress Recycling Council as our speaker for the April General Meeting, and I hosted a Mattress Recycling Dropoff on May 6th across from the former Banchero’s site.

Although the Mattress “Take-back” was a mild success, maybe 12 mattresses, I spoke to everyone who dropped one off and it seems that none were from my target market:   apartments in Cherryland.  So… I wasn’t too terribly surprised to see a bunch of discarded mattresses around the community this week.   What’s the deal?!?   End of the month and you can’t pay the rent, so time to move?   Can’t fit mattresses in the truck?  Heck, just dump ’em wherever you like!

I admit, discarded mattresses and furniture are my pet peeve.  It’s one of the things that got me started in community service a few years ago.   Before I let my hair grow.   I used to call the stretch of railroad track along western in back of Sunset High School the “Mattress Graveyard”.

Anyway, in the musical, the Queen wants to prove whether her prospective daughter-in-law is really a Princess or not; and that test is whether or not the Princess has the sensitivity to discern a pea underneath her mattress, causing her to not be able to fall asleep.  But the Queen ups the ante just a bit by placing the pea under TWENTY mattresses.   The chorus sings:

Quiet, Quiet
The queen insists on quiet
She’s ordered twenty mattresses
The softest and the best
And she’s threatened execution
If we dare disturb the rest
Of her very special guest
She’s ordered
Quiet, quiet, quiet!
I re-wrote the lyrics:
Blight, blight
Cindy can’t stand blight
They’ve discarded twenty mattresses
along the Western tracks
And she’s threatened execution
of those who leave them there
She’s pulling out her hair
She’s tired of
Blight, blight, blight!
Seriously, if you see a mattress or other furniture discarded, you can contact Alameda County Public Works at:
510-670-5500 (M-F 8AM – 5PM)
or by using the Mobile Citizen phone app.
ALSO!! The next One Day Mattress Collection Event will be hosted by Alameda County on Friday, July 14, 2017 at the Ashland REACH Youth Center.  More info to follow.
Spread the word!!!
We’ll round up these mattresses yet!   And I’ll try not to lose sleep over it …
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