June 2018 President’s Message by Cindy Towles

My brain is a little fuzzy as I sit here and have my first cup of coffee for the month of June.   Last night was a milestone meeting for the Eden MAC Ad-Hoc Committee of which I am Supervisor Miley’s ex-officio appointment, meaning I am there because of my current position as CCA President.  Not that the meeting tired me out; I was tired when I got there, due to my massive spring-cleaning project.  BTW, after my Waste Management bulky-waste pickup, I was stunned to find there was not the usual ground‑zero‑level mess left in the gutter by WM; then I realized that Downtown Streets Team must have come by and removed the residue.   ‌Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Anyway, last night we completed deliberations for our recommendations that will be presented to the Board of Supervisors on what the EMAC will look like; these are highlights of our recommendations:

  • The Leadership will be structured so that there are seven (7) members: 2representatives each from Ashland, Cherryland, and San Lorenzo; 1 at‑large member (preference given to Hayward Acres residents for this seat)
  • Members would serve a four- year term and would be would be limited to three terms (12 years maximum cumulative)
  • Some terms are staggered, with several appointees serving two‑year terms initially but eligible for reappointment to a four‑year term
  • MAC members must be Eden area residents; individuals who operate a business in the Eden area but aren’t residents are not eligible to serve
  • There will be a Chair (and a Vice-Chair), whose term will be maximum two consecutive years, but elections by the members will take place every year
  • Serving MAC members may receive applications from prospective MAC members if one or more seats are vacant to keep an Active pool of applicants
  • There would be an open application process with a Public Disclosure of applicants
  • There would be 2 meetings a month, with option to add Special Meeting(s) based on workload
  • One General Purpose and one Land Use meeting
  • Other options, such as having youth member(s) and rotating locations, were discussed

Hope your summer is getting off to a great start and hope to see you at the Carriage House at Meek Estate at 6:30pm on June 12th!

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